This app is suitable for smartphones. There are 5 spatiotemporal patterns to follow. Each pattern builds a favorite shape, which children call a spinner, on a virtual 4×4 board.

To play, please follow a link (remember to return for another one).

3 layouts, 5 ways
5 layouts, 5 ways
3 layouts, 5 ways
2 layouts, 5 ways
2 layouts, 4 ways

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The app plays out spatiotemporal patterns. Please follow them using an external pegboard or any other appropriate toy.

Below are the links to several counting patterns. To go through a pattern, please click on the player board or press the SPACE bar. It is possible to return to the beginning of the steps, but to restart from scratch, please reload the browser window

Use every opportunity to count. Ask the student to count the pegs in the lines and in the triangles. Have them tell what is the sum of the green and the yellow parts. Or how about the difference between them?


The app plays out the patterns reloading the current window. Please use the browser back button to start another pattern. To follow patterns, the app offers an on-screen board, which allows to track the progress. The user interface is good for mice and touch devices, but a big screen (computer or tablet) is necessary.

From the palette below the player, select one color at a time. Click on the big board to color a peg. Click on the peg again to recover its previous color. Click on the player board to navigate. Use the SPACE bar to step ahead. Click on "I'm done" (the top right quarter) if you believe you are done.

A diagonal cross
A quick tessellation
A big tessellation
A straight 4-color chessboard
A diagonal 4-color chessboard
Hydrangeas made out of sticks